Do you love Taiwan?

There are now multiple pathways to Taiwanese citizenship. Consider applying.

Taiwanese Parents

You may already be able to claim a Taiwanese passport.

Show me how

Regular Application

Requires five years of residence (three if your partner is Taiwanese) and renunciation of current citizenship.

I'm ready

High-Level Professional

Requires five years of residence and proof you are a senior professional.

How to Qualify

Outstanding Contributions to Taiwan

Your contributions must already be recognised by the government.

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782195 Foreign Residents
65820 Foreign Professionals
176 High-Level Professional Naturalisations


This site was created by a volunteer team, in an effort to try and demystify the ways that one can apply for Taiwanese citizenship.

Tom Fifield

Tom Fifield


Tom acquired Taiwanese citizenship through naturalisation as a High-Level Professional in the field of Technology.