Outstanding Contributions

If you have made special and outstanding contributions to Taiwan and are recommended by the government, you may obtain citizenship with few requirements.


Application for citizenship through Outstanding Contributions to Taiwan are very rare. Generally, the applicants have spent decades making significant and selfless efforts towards improving one or more aspects of Taiwan. If you’re finding this out from this website rather than talking to your friends in the government, you’re probably not qualified ;)

However, in theory, there is a standardized process and set of requirements. If you meet any of the following, you must ask the government agency or organisation responsible to provide certifying documents and a letter of recommendation. Submit these on the form with information about your special contributions to your local Household Registration Office.

  • Receipient of Order of Brilliant Jade, Order of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, Order of Chiang Chung-chen, Order of Propitious Clouds, or Order of Brilliant Star.
  • awarded accolades by government at a Ministry level or above, or from a foreign government
  • made significant contributions to the democracy, human rights, religion, interior affairs, national defense, diplomacy, education, culture, art, technology, economy, finance, medicine, sports, agriculture, social welfare, medical services or other fields of affairs of Taiwan
  • member of the Mackay Project that have made longstanding contributions
  • more than 20 years at a medical care, social welfare, or social education institute, providing services to underpriviledged in rural areas
  • helping the global exposure of Taiwan and its international image or relationship with other countries
  • other special contributions to Taiwan or society

The residence, language, proof of funds, and criminal record requirements can all be waived for an application made under Special Contributions to Taiwan.